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Japan's first salon specializing in improving small faces and wrinkles.

11 years of research into small faces and wrinkles

We are confident in improving your small face!
Worried about wrinkles or tried other cosmetics but have not seen any effect?
Please feel free to contact our salon.

You can expect not only to get a smaller face, but also to improve wrinkles,
sagging, firmness, and whitening effects.

Shaving (license holder), wrinkle lifting, quasi-drug dealer.

The skin and muscles are attached, so when the skin contracts, the muscles are pulled up,
which can be expected to be effective in reducing sagging and firmness.
In addition, our beauty serum contains niacin, cysteine, and retinol ingredients that have whitening effects,
so you can expect a whitening effect at the same time.
Furthermore, we have introduced a water-soluble crystal concentrate
(concentrated silica) that has the effect of rejuvenating cells!

Get back your youthful skin with proper care.

If wrinkles are improved, can we expect sagging,
lifting, firmness, and smaller face effects?

Many people mistakenly believe that wrinkles are caused by dry skin, but they are actually caused by aging.Babies don't get wrinkles even if they dry, right?
The cause of wrinkles is the oxidation (=aging) of skin that has been exposed to air for a long time.

JOJO's unique small-molecule antioxidant ingredients can be expected to penetrate oxidized skin and improve aging skin.
There are 30 facial lines in the skin, and when these antioxidants penetrate, they shrink and tighten, which can be expected to be effective not only for wrinkles, but also for sagging, lifting, and firmness.The entire skin shrinks, improving wrinkles and making your face look smaller.

※Even if it contains active ingredients, ingredients with large molecules, especially those with a high oil content, cannot be expected to be effective because they do not penetrate directly into the skin.

Please enjoy the feeling of your skin shrinking and becoming younger with our serum.

People look at wrinkles and feel old.
Now, take early measures!
Before After
Ms. A (50s)Former cabin attendant
(Treatment only on the left side)

Before and after treatment at our salon.Fine wrinkles around the corners of the eyes have improved.

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A big dream with a small burden

中村 順次

JoJo Wrinkle & Smaller Face Improvement Institute was established with the aim of making the entire face younger and more beautiful, rather than improving the area like cosmetic surgery. This is the first salon in Japan where you can see for yourself that wrinkles are improved on the spot with our uniquely developed ultimate serum.
Even if the ultimate beauty serum that our research institute confidently recommends is used incorrectly, you will not be able to experience the effects. Therefore, we will tell you the correct way to use it at the salon.
It is important to follow the directions for use in order to be effective.

In order to be effective, oil is strictly prohibited!

It is said that drinking milk before drinking alcohol will prevent you from getting sick.
The reason for this is that even though the stomach is an absorption organ, it creates a coating with milk (oil), and even alcohol cannot pass through the oil.Similarly, cosmetics that contain oil do not allow nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to penetrate into the skin, which can lead to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles.
JoJo's serums are all natural ingredients and are very nutritious.
Please use with confidence.

JoJo Co., Ltd. Representative Director

Junji Nakamura
Q. Why is a thorough face wash necessary?

Thoroughly wash away the oil, large molecules, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and dirt you are currently using with an additive-free facial soap, leaving your skin in a state where it can breathe healthily.

Q. Is it okay to remove water? Will it dry out?

After washing your face, thoroughly remove moisture from your face and dry it.
The skin is a microscopic world, and when it's humid, it's in a flood state. Even if you apply serum on it, it will be diluted with water and its effectiveness will be halved.

Q. Why apply it around the face too?

Many people think that they should apply a lot of serum to the areas of concern, but it is important to apply it around the areas as well.
In cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles, an incision is made in the skin in the area of concern, and the area is pulled and stitched together.In the same way, you can expect the entire area where the wrinkle serum is applied to tighten and feel like it's being pulled.

If you have dry skin because you have been using your previous cosmetics, try double-applying for a while.
Furthermore, if you have severe dryness, it is OK to apply a nourishing cream for a little while, as long as it does not clog your skin. Be careful not to use it for too long as it can clog your skin and prevent it from breathing, resulting in dry skin.

A word from the developerThe data speaks!

When people, or rather women, look at each other, don't they think that they are younger and have fewer wrinkles? Surely that's what we both think?
So, if you start to notice people's wrinkles, it might be your chance to notice them yourself and take action.

happy! I would like to think so.

The sooner you start, the less wrinkles you'll get, and you'll notice a noticeable difference later on!
Please take this opportunity to try it out as soon as possible.


People who have been worried about wrinklesFree consultation at our store!!

Special CourseWCC※(Not for sale)Treatment+
Select and apply one wrinkle serum

¥11,000(Tax included)

Neck CourseWCC※(Not for sale)Treatment

¥5,500(Tax included)
※Whate is WCC-Wonderful Cosmetic C
It is the strongest natural ingredient (not for sale) developed by our company.

We are confident that you will see results after just one treatment, so if you do not see results, we will not charge you for the treatment.

All-in-one serumWrinkle series

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  • Wakanal
  • More Dream

The strongest anti-wrinkle support group

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  • Crystal beauty

FAQWhat kind of shop is a small face improvement salon??

  • Isn't the treatment painful?

    No. there is no pain.
    At the Wrinkle Improvement Research Institute, we will teach you the correct way to use our serums, rather than injections, and help you improve wrinkles.

  • How much do I need to use to get the effect?

    After applying to half of your face, you will see clear effects in about 15 minutes. (※There are individual differences depending on age)

  • What makes it different from other beauty products?

    Skin is a living thing and needs nutrition and moisture!!
    It penetrates rapidly with small molecules and suppresses oxidation with antioxidants.

  • Even if it improves, will it return to normal?

    I understand that anxiety!!
    Once your skin improves and becomes younger, it will never go back to what it was before.

  • Does it really improve?

    The customers who come to the store are right in front of us, so if their wrinkles are not improved, they will complain, right?
    So we're confident.

  • A story that sounds like a dream and a lie?

    In front of the first floor of the building is the famous Omotesando police box.
    Will the police officer scold me if I lie?

  • But I'm still worried! not scared?

    For such people, start with the back of your hand!
    It's totally OK to try it out!! (※The trial is free)

  • Can men do it too?

    Of course! Nowadays, men are also interested in wrinkles, and many men come to our store concerned about wrinkles!

  • Can men also improve wrinkles?

    Of course, sales of men's cosmetics are skyrocketing these days, and today's popular men want to be pretty and fashionable.

  • Will you not fail?

    No, it is a natural ingredient with strong antioxidant properties! Immediately after the treatment, you will feel younger and more beautiful, and you will be able to go home.

This is Japan's first salon specializing
in small face and wrinkle improvement.
If you are worried about your face size and wrinkles, or if you have tried other cosmetics but have not seen any results, please feel free to contact our salon.

Small face & wrinkle improvement research institute

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